Cyrillic and Snow

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Not much to report this week. I can say that I’ve been getting the travel itch, so I’ve been brainstorming trips I could take for a long weekend in the coming months. I watched a couple episodes of Dark Tourist that make me want to see Cyprus and Ashgabat, so add those to the long list of possibilities. The latter would be more expensive than other options, especially if I can’t obtain a visa without hiring an official tour agent, but it would be an unreal and unforgettable experience. Cyprus would be cheaper and easier to get to, and a day trip into Northern Cyprus would be an opportunity to feed my interest in breakaway regions. We shall see.

Also, I started trying to learn the Russian alphabet. It’s tricky, because the Cyrillic script has a lot of letters that look like Latin letters, but they make different sounds. For example, what I would call the letter P is is the letter Russian uses for the R sound. Our H is their N sound. Our B is their V sound. What looks like a backwards R to us is pronounced “yah”. And they have a couple letters that never make a sound, but they affect the way the consonant preceding it is pronounced, sort of like how a silent E at the end of an English word affects how a preceding vowel is pronounced.

But anyway, here are some more photos of the latest snowfall. Next week is supposed to stay above freezing, so this will probably all gradually turn to mud. But I did break down and buy some proper shoes for slick conditions, and that made a big difference this week.

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