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There were three important events this week that I need to share.

First, I was accepted as a volunteer by the organization I was hoping would sponsor my visa application. I’m not entirely sure about the organization’s structure, but it’s the Moldovan branch of Campus Crusade. They have an affiliated organization called Athletes in Action, which is where a couple new friends work, one of whom is supported by my church in Tennessee. Everyone I’ve met there seems to be wonderful, and I look forward to helping out wherever I can. They mentioned an English camp coming up soon, so it looks like my mom will finally get to see one of her sons become an English teacher like her, if only for a little while. I’m excited about that.

With that hurdle cleared, the visa process is primarily about gathering paperwork at this point. I’m doing the best I can to interpret the list of requirements, which is only available in Romanian, but I think I have it figured out. At this point I’m mostly waiting for the volunteer paperwork to be completed so I can submit a request for a letter of invitation from Moldova’s Bureau of Migration and Asylum, a requirement for the actual visa application. I also need to keep nudging the State of Tennessee to send my a copy of my criminal record. I mean, as far as I know they don’t have anything to report, but I still need an official document stating this. But there will be more to say about this visa application as time passes.

Second, I got to see my friend Vlad, who I’d sponsored through Justice & Mercy International. We ate pizza and practiced English and laughed a lot. He’s a good kid who’s doing his best to help support his mother and sister even though he’s only 17. He’s had to take some time off from trade school to do this, and I really hope he can get back to classes soon. He’s bright and capable of great things if he can get half a chance to realize his potential.

Third, and most importantly, the cat in this house likes to sleep all over me.

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