It would seem I’m doing something a bit unusual in 2019: I am living and working in Moldova. It’s a gorgeous little country tucked in between Romania and Ukraine, and its capital and only sizable city is Chișinău. Moldova is pretty much Romania’s little sister, but there is a prominent Russian minority there, including the breakaway region of Transnistria. It has big dreams of joining the European Union, but it still has a number of challenges to solve before that can happen. I love this little land, and after two short visits I decided I needed to spend extensive time there. You can follow along as I blog if you’d like.

6/8/19 – Odessa Weekend
5/4/19 – Pascha 2019
3/23/19 – English Club
3/23/19 – Days of Rhine and Whoases
2/17/19 – Getting Outside At Last
2/3/19 – Steps at a Time
1/27/19 – Cyrillic and Snow
1/20/19 – Pirouettes and Pas de Moi
1/13/19 – Settling In
1/6/19 – NYE in Copenhagen
12/23/18 – Why Moldova?